SALES, RESTORATION & SOURCING                                                                                           THE ART OF THE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILE 


CUSTOM BUILT CLASSICS  with over four decades of experience in the classic car market is fuelled by a passion for classic British and American performance and competition cars.

Our specialised services include classic car sales both pre and post restoration, vehicle sourcing locally and now internationally, appraisals and purchase, consignment sales and the preparation and restoration of classic high performance and competition customer cars.

We have an international footprint with acquisition representatives in the UK, USA and now in South Africa which in particular is exciting, with extremely active classic racing series, involving very well prepared and highly competitive historic period British and American racing saloons, many with highly successful pedigrees. These vehicles would meet criteria for entry into current UK historic race series and we believe would be immediately competitive. 

Our agents source only the most interesting and competitive vehicles for supply to discerning customers in the UK. These vehicles are usually HTP prepared or meet criteria for HTP assessment, but we can supply vehicles at any stage of readiness at significant savings to a purchaser.  All imported vehicles are customs cleared, duty paid and MOT'd where relevant.

CUSTOM BUILT CLASSICS offers some of the finest cars to discerning buyers both in the UK and a growing international market.

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